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Фитнес для Девушек, Похудения и Беременных

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Entretenimiento Libros Deportes Salud y forma física
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In a world far more miracles than we think !

Now all the amazing natural phenomena and beautiful palaces can be found in one audiobook .

In the new application , " Wonders of the World " describes not only the famous first seven wonders dating back to antiquity. In audio encyclopedia includes stories about the highest mountains , beautiful lakes and deep , mysterious caves and mystical phenomena of nature .
Along with the application, you will make a journey through the most beautiful cities and countries , listen to urban legends and have a look at the most mysterious places on the planet .

You will learn:

- How were the famous architectural masterpieces in antiquity
- What are the wonders of modern builders available
- Where are the tallest trees grow and where are the most beautiful waterfalls

Collection of " Wonders of the World " will travel across the world without leaving home.

Open up a new world , build hiking trails and tell your friends about the amazing places.

Download the new application to wear all the " Wonders of the World " with an iPhone and iPad!